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new Utterly Delicious Simple Food (Lantern, 2014)

The idea for this book has been bubbling along in my subconscious for ages. The more I talked to my friends and observed the world around me, the more aware I became of the often relentless pace at which many of us live our lives. It struck me that despite the widely-held premise that technology was going to free up more leisure time for us all, quite often just the opposite has happened, and I see so many people around me scrambling to keep up. Unfortunately when this occurs, one of the first things that can suffer is the quality and variety of the food that we eat. Preparing a meal becomes just another chore to fit into a day, so to save time we tend to cook the same old things, or pick up takeaway, as anything else is just too exhausting to contemplate. ... [read more]

award-winning Desserts (Lantern, 2012)

When we were kids, my mum nearly always made some sort of pudding for dessert, nothing fancy mind you, but scrumptious nonetheless. For us at the time it was just normal, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I realise now how lucky we were to grow-up with such treats. I always loved helping her cook, but even more so if she was baking or making something sweet (I have to admit that the opportunities this led to for licking a beater or scraping out every last skerrick of batter from a mixing bowl with my finger probably added to my enthusiasm!)... [read more]

award-winning The Country Cookbook: Seasonal Jottings and Recipes (Lantern, 2010)

This book, which I so loved writing, holds a very special place in my heart. It chronicles a year of my life in one of the most beautiful corners of Australia, the Far North Coast of NSW. It really is a celebration of the ‘Rainbow Country’ as it's called, and of the simple pleasures and food that mean so much to me. It includes my most cherished recipes and tales of the life I lead here. From stories of the people in it – the growers, locals, film night in the village hall... [read more]

award-winning Mix & Bake (Penguin/Lantern, 2007)

Baking has always been my ‘thing’ – I love it and it gives me more pleasure than any other type of cooking. And, although during my years of working in restaurants, I cooked my way around most parts of the menu, it was always baking that I was most passionate about. When I say baking, I don’t mean those elaborate, multi-storey cakes and gateaux that you see in shop windows... [read more]

new Belinda Jeffery’s Collected Recipes Revised Edition (Penguin/Lantern, 2012)

I’m often asked which of my books is most representative of my style of cooking, and which I would recommend someone to buy. It’s hard to answer because each book in its own way is special to me, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have the first two books I wrote combined in this beautiful volume. With over 200 recipes it really is a one-stop collection of my favourite dishes, the sorts of things I eat week in and week out.. [read more]

new Belinda Jeffery - Lantern Cookery Classics (Penguin/Lantern, 2013)

This small volume packs a serious punch with its special selection of my most loved recipes hand-picked from all my books to date. I must admit that I’m really chuffed to be part of Penguin/Lantern’s new Cookery Classics collection, which brings together in a series of extraordinarily well-priced volumes... [read more]


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