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new! Belinda Jeffery’s Collected Recipes revised edition (Penguin/Lantern, 2012)

This compilation of my two best-loved books 100 Favourite Recipes and Tried-and-True Recipes, contains over 200 recipes and really is a one-stop collection of my favourite dishes.

The most repeated comment I hear about my books is that “It’s just like having Belinda at my side in my own kitchen.” (My husband says he would love a $50 note for every time someone has said this!), and my first book, Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes, is where it all started. It contains many of my most-used and most-loved recipes and I feel it is a book for everyone, whether you’re an experienced cook or a beginner. However, when I wrote it I was daunted by the task of limiting myself to just 100 recipes, and sadly, far too many of my favourites were reluctantly put aside, so I was delighted when I had the opportunity to use these in another book, Belinda Jeffery’s Tried-and-True Recipes which proved to be hugely popular and an award-winner.

And now I’m absolutely thrilled to have these two books combined in this beautiful volume. Although I wrote the books more than ten years ago the recipes in them are still fresh and modern and they’re the ones I use regularly myself. The Braised star anise chicken and Thai cucumber, chilli and roasted macadamia salad are on our table at least once a fortnight; The most fabulous banana cake and One-pan chocolate and praline cake are still my number-one birthday cakes; by popular request (and threats of reprisals if I don’t bring it!) the Spicy red lentils with capers and currants turns up at every picnic; and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas for me without my mum Cooee’s incredible rum balls.

You’ll find everything here from simple, family-friendly dishes to easy midweek dinners, sensational cakes and irresistible meals for special occasions. For me it’s an absolute treat to have so many of the recipes I love brought together in this truly beautiful volume.

It’s also been lovely to see that the principles by which I cooked back then are truer than ever. I love simple, fresh, clean flavours and I don’t ‘do’ complicated food. Taste is still first and foremost in my mind when I cook anything, and then I think about how it will look on the plate. As I cook, the mantra, ‘Taste, taste and taste again’ continues to be the one I stick to and it continues to stand me in good stead.


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reviews and what people are saying about Belinda Jeffery’s Collected Recipes

(a compilation of Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes and Belinda Jeffery’s Tried-and-True Recipes)


“Belinda instinctively knows what real cooks need – delicious, achievable recipes that work every time.”

Delicious magazine Australia, Valli Little, Food Director, November 2012 (from cover of Collected Recipes)


“This book (Belinda Jeffery’s Tried-and-True Recipes) passes the ‘Post-it note test’ with flying colours; an initial flick through reveals so many tempting recipes, it quickly becomes covered in yellow sticky markers.”

Good Living, The Sydney Morning Herald, Ardyn Bernoth


“Food writer and TV presenter Belinda Jeffery is almost a household name, and that name is synonymous with good food. Here she treats us to 100 of her favourite recipes such as sticky chicken wings, and little blueberry jam steamed puddings. Gorgeous food matched by equally beautiful photography.” (About Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes)

Australian Table Magazine


Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes is full of fresh food ideas for today. The former cooking presenter of the Better Homes and Gardens TV show, Belinda is a wonderful cook whose food we love to eat (read delicious, healthy, fresh and really good-looking).”

Inside Out magazine, Sue Fairlie-Cuninghame


“You can open this book to any page and find a mouth-watering recipe…The recipes here are sure to become your favourites too.” (About Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes)

Pittwater Life


“...And it’s my great pleasure to let you know she has finally put together her favourite 100 recipes in this long-awaited book. Photographs to drool over by Rodney Weidland will have you in the kitchen in a flash.”

Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Maeve O’Meara


“What foods couldn’t you live without? This question is the inspiration behind Belinda Jeffery’s latest book, Tried-and-True Recipes...The result is an inspiring cookbook full of tried and true recipes.”

Good Living, Sunshine Coast Daily


“Pop this book in food lovers’ Christmas stockings, or keep a copy as an essential ingredient in the home kitchen.”

The Brisbane News, Julia Ross


“For six years Australian chef Belinda Jeffery was food editor and cooking presenter on a very popular television show called Better Homes and Gardens.

I had enjoyed her cooking books, Belinda Jeffery’s Tried-and-True Recipes and Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes, both published by Penguin, for their photography, design and, above all, mouth-watering recipes.

The recipes are thorough in their instruction and each one seems to have that little edge of difference about it.”

The Dominion Post (NZ), Ruth Pretty


“Peter Howard, Friday’s resident kitchen maestro, describes this cookbook (Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes) as a ‘must have’. If you’ve seen Belinda on Better Homes and Gardens TV show you’ll know her recipes are practical as well as delicious.”

Queensland Country Life, Bookworm with Jenny Cullen


Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes is proof this popular TV presenter has a lifetime of good cooking to share with adoring fans.”

She magazine, Loukie Werle


“Belinda’s love of food, cooking and eating shines through in her new cookbook, Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes. Beautifully presented from cover to contents, it is a gorgeous gift for foodie friends.”

The Chronicle Liz Posmyk


“...the same, light, mouth-watering food appears in Belinda Jeffery’s 100 Favourite Recipes, a classy, softcover book with recipes ranging from Sticky Lamb Shanks with Caramelised Spring Onions to Eggplant, Tomato and Pasta Torta and luscious Mango and Mascarpone Cake. Each recipe carries and introduction in Jeffery’s warm, friendly style. “

The Canberra Times, Christine Salins