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1 august 2013

Oh gosh, how can it be the end of winter already! Even now as I look around my garden I can see signs that Spring isn’t far away - the jasmine is tipped with delicate pink buds; our mulberry tree is covered with a fuzz of pale green fruit; the first shoots of spring-flowering bulbs are starting to push up out of the ground; and my citrus trees, which it seems only a moment ago were laden with fruit, are now dotted with a starburst of fragrant flowers. Lovely as this all is, I’m not quite sure that I’m ready for it yet,as the arrival of spring is also a timely reminder that the deadline for my next book is looming ever closer, and I still have much to do.

That said, in the moments when I’m not head down writing (even though I probably should be!) I’ve been giving my preserving pan a bashing by cooking batch after batch of marmalade. I find the whole process of making it – slicing the fruit, tying the pips up in muslin, squeezing the juice, and ladling the marmalade into its jars - incredibly peaceful and soothing, and of course, at the end there is the supremely satisfying feeling of seeing the jars all lined up in a row, and treating myself to a big dollop of marmalade on toast. In fact I’ve been so prolific that I now have a whole shelf in my pantry dedicated to marmalade of every hue. So far the cache includes lemon; West Indian lime and mandarin; orange, lemon, lime and ruby grapefruit; and my mum’s cumquat marmalade (I always remember her saying that making it was a labour of love, and she isn’t wrong! Still, one taste makes me realise just how worthwhile all that effort is.)

However, I’m aware I shall have to curtail my preserving soon or the book won’t get written, for I’m awfully good at procrastinating rather than doing the task at hand! And on that note I should probably get back to work, but before I go, I hope that you enjoy this month’s recipe for little honey crèmes – they’re a great favourite of mine as they’re so simple to make and taste utterly delicious.



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The fabulous Sample Food Festival in Bangalow kicks off on Saturday September 7th, and it’s well worth marking the date in your diary. It’s a truly special day – there’s fantastic food, cooking demonstrations, great music, a showcase of local produce, and that wonderful chilled-out vibe for which the Byron region is justly famous. I’m one of the judges for the Golden Fork awards, so please drop by and say hello if you’re passing.

A little further down the track in October, one of the best food events I’ve ever been to, the Food & Words Festival, gets underway in Sydney. At this stage the program is still under wraps, but I shall keep you posted.

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